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Toyo Tops Out
April 10, 2014

Top picture: Nearly completed Toyo Tire Plant Addition, Phase 3. Bottom picture: 3D Revit model imposed on photograph of completed addition, created by Todd Malone

Carter Concrete Structures has completed phase three of the Toyo Tire manufacturing plant in White, GA. CCS provided design-assist services on the initial plant, which features robust, high bay elevated structures with 420 pound/square foot live loads. Post tension girders support conventionally reinforced joists on a 33’-0” x 33’-0” grid. Following phases repeat the initial structural design.

Carter Concrete Structures developed its own void forming system which is mounted on rolling modular truss-work. Speed, accuracy, and efficiency are key when manufacturing facilities are needed on-line. CCS has all of the tools required for one-stop structural solutions.

Congratulations to Superintendent Jim Mathewson and Project Manager Chris Roby for hitting all seven planned outcomes: cost, schedule, quality, safety, control, cash flow, and client satisfaction.

Carter Concrete Structures is a specialized Contractor operating as Subcontractor, Trade, or Prime Contractor performing turnkey concrete construction work in the commercial, institutional, industrial, and public construction markets. Scope of work typically includes structural excavation, foundations, slabs-on-grade, formwork of all types, reinforcing, concrete production, placement and finish, engineering layout, hoisting, and general conditions work on civil, industrial and multi-story structures.