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Construction Operations

Supervision and Project Management – Our operations team members are industry veterans and highly customer focused, many of them come from premier general contracting backgrounds.

Core Competencies – We self perform the following elements of work:


Surveying – CCS affirms and reconciles dimensional aspects of the contract documents modeling tolerances. We create 3D matrices from which property, design and construction survey dimensions are defined. We locate points using robotic total station survey equipment.


Structural Excavation – We excavate and backfill footings, pile caps and grade beams.


Reinforcing – We estimate, produce shop drawings, detail, procure and place bar reinforcing. We install post-tensioned reinforcing.


Formwork – We evaluate and select the optimum form work system, then design, erect and cycle our own vertical and horizontal structural and architectural form work.
concrete-jedi1 Production, Place and Finish – We control every aspect of the concreting operation as dictated by the requirements of each project. CCS designs and tests concrete mixes in its own laboratory, produces concrete on-site, and controls every aspect of conveyance, placement, consolidation, striking, finishing and curing concrete.


Hoisting – Each structure requires a unique solution. We evaluate all aspects of the lifting equation, research and draw hoisting plans, procure the right equipment and operate the machines with our own labor.

Carter Concrete Structures is a specialized Contractor operating as Subcontractor, Trade, or Prime Contractor performing turnkey concrete construction work in the commercial, institutional, industrial, and public construction markets. Scope of work typically includes structural excavation, foundations, slabs-on-grade, formwork of all types, reinforcing, concrete production, placement and finish, engineering layout, hoisting, and general conditions work on civil, industrial and multi-story structures.